TrendXS Professional

TrendXS Professional is intended for organisations that want to actively manage future developments and get in touch with inspiring organisations and ecosystems.

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Customised research material

We want to enable you to make informed decisions about what’s important for the future of your organisation. We will provide you with research material that is tailored to your specific organisation and industry. Together, we will determine which themes will make the difference.

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Access to TrendXS portal

All the information and inspiration that matters to you will be accessible via our innovative TrendXS portal in the form of daily, weekly or monthly updates. The portal also gives you access to the research team and enables you to leave comments or submit requests.

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Personal trend coach

Our 'future research team’ delivers monthly, weekly or daily micro trends. We investigate important events, experiments, case studies and examples. We provide summaries and analyses as well as photo- and video footage and animations.

What do we research for you?

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We provide you with weekly-developed trend updates that are important to your organisation. We inspire you with the latest developments that impact your future.

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In addition to the micro trends, we also look for inspirational statistics that support current and future trends. We provide ready-made, attractive charts that give insight into the future.

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Startups reform the world as we know it. We search and analyse the startups that are important to your organisation.

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Universities form the basis of many innovations and disruptions. We research projects and experiments from universities all over the world and provide information and inspiration that is relevant to the future of your organisation.

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Innovative companies

Our team researches companies and organisations that are actively engaged in the future of your organisation. They provide interesting information and inspiration that we analyse for you.


Contact us for pricing

For a straight-forward monthly fee, you will receive customised research material and microtrends. We also provide you with relevant statistics and information about startups, universities and innovative organisations that are of interest to you.


Professional research team

Our 'future research team’ is experienced, well-trained and has a scientific background. We are frequently in touch with universities, researchers and innovative institutions and research over 2,000 international sources and current scientific publications on a daily basis. We select the most relevant micro trends, make the connections and provide you with information and inspiration that is of interest and relevant to you.



Below is an overview of organisations we inspire with our research.


TrendXS is invaluable for those who want to be ready for the future

TrendXS is ideal for companies and organisations that are serious about the future and want to be prepared. While we map the future for you, you can make informed decisions and ensure your company is on the right track.